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Religion in South African SchoolsWhat is a democracy without a solid constitution?

“Majority rule” is an essential part of a democracy. But what of the rights of minorities? Do minorities suffer over the constant winning of majority votes?

The new South Africa calls itself a ‘democracy’ and clearly has “Majority rule” as an integral part of its government educational system, where the South African Government pays the salaries for teachers that are allowed to promote a specific religion.

In the case of the public school I attended about 30 years ago, Dale College, the Christian religion was promoted and still is today in 2013. This promotion of a single religion, by a government school, was unfair then and still is today, even after the removal of Apartheid. Minority religions are still oppressed by the “tyranny of the majority” in the absence of legal protections of individual or group rights.

In America, the constitution protects minority religions in public schools. The constitution forbids the promotion of a single religion in schools. The ‘separation of church and state’ is the rule and not the exception.

While today South African Christians still see no wrong doing with the South African government paying the salaries of teachers, who promote a single religion in public schools, how would those same South Africans feel if those same schools changed from supporting a Christian ethos, to say an Islamic ethos? They would not like it at all and would demand a change of the law. But at that point it would be too late. Islamic schools would sprout up all over South Africa, all consistent with the present law and South African schools will change from Christian to Islam overnight, and it would be legal.

I have personally appealed to the present South African Minister of Education to review this policy and make the necessary changes now, before potential religious upheaval starts in South Africa.

Read South African National Policy on Religion and Education by Professor of human rights, Kader Asmal, a respected ANC leader and personal friend of Nelson Mandela. Also read for yourself the law regarding public schools in South Africa. The present system in South African is not fair. Those subjected to the horrors of the apartheid system should know and should be sensitive to this issue, but have remained silent and continue to promote an oppressive system in the laws that govern present day South Africa.

Email from the 2013 Headmaster of Dale College

Hi Graham

Thanks for your email.

Dale College remains a State School. There were various education models relating to Government funding, that were developed / implemented over the years. Dale is known as a Section 21 Company, ex Model C school. The State provides for the salary of 18 Educators and 2 non-Educators. The SGB employ 12 Educators; 5 non-professional staff; 19 non-Educator staff.

The School has a Christian ethos. Although by far the majority of “messages” reflect Christianity, this need not necessarily be cast in stone. Other religions may also give a “message”. The Hostel is similar to the School in this regard

Dale Junior also follows a similar pattern.

M R EDDY Headmaster