Naples Open Houses

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Naples Open Houses

What are the essentials in getting your Naples home ready for an open house showing?

The front yard is well kept. The outside of the house looks like it has fresh paint. The so-called curb appeal is really great. The prospective buyers are excited to see the inside of the home. It looks like it’s just what they want. They open the door and … get overwhelmed by clutter.

Clutter can take many forms — a collection of clocks, antiques, artwork, books, doilies, silk flowers, personal photos or souvenirs from all over the world. It’s the owner’s home and a reflection on the owner’s interests. But when trying to sell your home, you want the “home” to stand out, not the owner’s interests.

When getting ready to sell your home, less is more. Pack away some of those collectables. Let the qualities of your home shine through.

Most Naples Real Estate Agents have seen the various reactions of their prospects when they bring them into such a home. Their attention and focus is swept away. Many times they get wrapped up in checking out someone’s collection or looking at a wall of personal photos trying to see if they know anyone. Getting the prospect back on track can be very tough.

Useful Tips

Clearing out closets or at least storing items in some boxes, letting the buyer see how much storage area there is. Focus attention on the most visible areas ­ foyer, kitchen, living room, family room and master bedroom. Depersonalize the home by removing photos, mementos and dated items. Use plants in colorful pots or inexpensive wicker baskets to fill empty spaces.

Getting an interior design professional can be a big help in setting up your Naples Home for an open house. Adding a bit of color to a wall can help accent a room. Adding a runner at an entrance or just angling one or two pieces of furniture slightly can make a big difference in how a room looks.

Another good tip for a seller is not to have cooking smells in the air. Sometimes it’s hard to control the timing of a prospect, but entering a house that smells like sauerkraut might get a negative reaction from the prospect that had nothing to do with your home.

You’ve probably heard of feng shui. There are a couple of good points from this perspective. Clutter blocks the flow of energy through a home, sending a message that the sellers aren’t ready to move. Offensive posters in a teenager’s room give off negative energy and can send the wrong message. Furniture with its back to a room’s doorway blocks energy. Turn it to face the door and welcome buyers. They also suggest adding candles in bathrooms. Remove or push aside window coverings that block sunlight. Light creates positive energy that buyers can feel.

When you consider what it takes to get a prospect to your door, the last thing you want is to waste the opportunity to let your home shine at its best.

We, your Naples Real Estate Agent have the experience of selling a number of homes. We understand the difference staging a home properly can make in the selling process. Let us help you in getting the most from your home.