Why I am not Voting 2012

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Vote 2012 ElectionsWhy I am not Voting 2012.

Yes, I know it’s a great privilege and I will be missing out on it but I have reasons for this decision. And I have voted on all other occasions when the opportunity arose.

The truth is that I don’t like either candidate, meaning neither Obama nor Romney and there is no 3rd to choose from and I will point out my reasons why.

1. President Obama bailed out the banks and allowed those most guilty of the financial mess, to be credited with bonuses. I have a problem with that. There has been no accountability for their actions, just praise.

2. While the Occupy Wall Street movement swept America, the police turned to violence on them and President Obama did nothing to stop it. I have a problem with that. While bankers enjoyed their bonuses, the rest of America was, and still is hurting, and President Obama helped in that hurt.

3. President Obama has not appeared to be a leader and has given me the opinion of a yes man, which is probably why little has changed since he came to office.

Candidate Romney and I will never see eye to eye.
1. Romney, a man, believes he has a say in what goes on with a woman’s body. That goes hand in hand with contraception and abortions and his objections to both.
2. Romney has no problem paying a lower percentage tax that those making less than him. I have a problem with that. There is little wonder why the American rich get richer and the poor poorer with evidence like this.
3. I think Romney has never experienced LIFE, or has at least forgotten what its like to be connected to all types of people. Its as if he’s missing some parts. I have a problem with that. That means Romney only sees eye to eye with those like him. How will that make a leader for everyone?

If only there was a 3rd candidate running for President of America 2012. I would given my opinion on them too.