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Moving Homes to Naples Moving Homes to Naples

There’s no denying that moving is one of life’s more stressful events. Whether you are moving across town or across the state, there are steps an individual or family can take to minimize the rise in blood pressure inevitable with every move. One way is to pick the “right” moving company to begin with.

Buyer Jenny moved to Naples Florida recently. Two of her friends glowingly recommended a locally owned moving company. The company’s quote was the lowest. But what appeared to be a move made in heaven ended up being one from hell.

An inexperienced home moving crew, which showed up late, was exceedingly annoyed to begin with because the company’s secretary had told them Buyer Jenny’s move was a two-hour job. They were surprised to find a three-bedroom home full of belongings.

The movers took out their frustration on Buyer Jenny’s things, tearing sofa upholstery and marring her new dining room table by covering it with a gritty blanket and piling boxes on top of it. They flattened a shrub when moving the refrigerator to the truck. Worst of all, they were not able to fit everything into the truck, so they left several large items behind.

Buyer Jenny filed a complaint for damages, but the company has done nothing (unless you consider ignoring her phone calls and letters as something). Later, as Buyer Jenny shared her experience with other recent movers, she discovered she wasn’t alone. Many other friends and business acquaintances also had unhappy moves using that company.

Movers want you to remember them in a positive way. Why? Because word of mouth is still the best advertisement for any business.

Steps to avoid frustration

Call the Better Business Bureau. Check to see if complaints have been filed, if the mover has necessary permits, is licensed and has insurance.

Watch for moving vans at homes. When you see one being loaded, pay careful attention to how the household goods are wrapped and packed. Is everything wrapped with blankets or furniture pads? Do they take care loading?

Ask the person being moved if they are pleased with the mover and would they use the same one again?

Ask friends. Of course, this is what Buyer Jenny did, and it did not work out. If you have Buyer Jenny’s luck, you may ask the only former customers of the company that had a good experience.

If they have a storage facility, ask to see it. Just because a company doesn’t have a warehouse, however, doesn’t mean they are not a good mover. During your visit, pay close attention to how furniture is stored. Is it containerized in wooden boxes? Is it stacked neatly on shelves? Is it covered with blankets or plastic?

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