Mel Gibson Maccabees

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Mel Gibson, the Hollywood movie star, has partnered with Warner Bros to produce a movie about the famed Jewish heroes the Maccabees.

Joe Eszterhas will write the script and there is no doubt in my mind that it will be a crowd pleaser, but will it be politically correct or historically accurate?

Let the truth be told Mel Gibson, the Maccabee heroes were of the royal bloodline of Aaron, older brother of Moses, hand picked royalty by the hand of God, our Creator. These Priests, Hebrew Priests, often called Kohan or Cohen, by Jews, ruled the Land of Israel for over 1500 years, accumulating vast wealth, maintaining law according to literal Torah, ministering to the masses, atoning for their sins, performing ritual sacrifices to God and teaching the population Torah.

For 2000 years since the destruction of the 2nd temple in Jerusalem, the Hebrew Priests have had little to no function in Jewish, Christian or Muslim life anywhere on the planet, but they have accomplished one very important task which God Creator has commanded them, which does not rely on the prevailing religions utilizing the Priesthood as God Creator has intended.. That is they have passed on their blood to the next generation and the next and the next, so the blood of Aaron, the covenant with God Creator still exists and is still fulfilled through their blood and inheritance.

Why has the Hebrew Priests no importance today?

The system God Creator established with Moses and Aaron was predicted to fail, as mentioned in Torah, and it failed and for the same reasons mentioned in Torah. Simply, a minority, even though hand picked by God Creator, cannot rule over a majority for any extended period of time without the majority violently rebelling against them.

When did the majority turn on the minority?

For years prior to 70 AD, which was when the last Temple in Jerusalem was destroyed, we know that wars raged between the minority Sadducees in the Land of Israel who were the bloodline governing Hebrew Priests, and the majority Pharisees, the ‘common man’ according to Torah, who wanted control of The Land of Israel. But for all those years the common man Pharisees could not defeat the entrenched Hebrew Priests. That changed when Rome invaded the land and the battle worn disgruntled Pharisees sided with Rome (read Josephus Flavius) who gathered a massive force to destroy the Temple and remove the riches.

What did Rome do with the money?

The money taken from the Jerusalem Temple was used to build the Roman Coliseum and reference to this is in the foundation. The many Hebrew Priests were either murdered or used as entertainment and slavery.

What did the victorious Pharisees do?

After the destruction of the 2nd Temple in 70AD and the removal of the Hebrew Priests and their government the victorious Pharisees started writing their Talmud, starting with the Mishna and later on the Gemara. Within the Talmud and the adoption of the Prophets and Writings, a new religion emerges with new laws and new sacred texts.

What religion came after the Hebrews?

The victorious Pharisees had established new laws in their Talmud and the religion of the Jews followed. Traditions that they had secretly followed, were now in writing, previously prohibited under the Priestly governance. Now the common man Pharisee, now known as a Jew, could get close to God Creator, without help of the bloodline Priests. It is as if the revolution democratized The Land of Israel. Now everyone was equal and the Hebrew Priests no longer blocked the way to the advancement of the Jewish, Christian and Muslims religions.

The last 2000 years.

For the last 2000 years, just as the Jewish, Christian and Muslim religions have continued to exist and in most cases thrive, the religion of the Hebrew Priests has remained dormant, waiting. Not to rebuild a temple that was never commanded by God Creator, not to claim Jerusalem the holy of hollies all over again just because of its strategic military value, but to call the masses to make a choice.

What choice do you have?

When God Creator gave Moses Torah, it was given as a law book for all eternity and for all generations of mankind. Therein, within Torah are our covenants with God Creator, our deal we all (living and dead) agreed to with God Creator. You have your own decision to make, to decide if you will follow Torah as God Creator intended,  which is literally, or be like all those before that required awesome acts of incredible destruction to be convinced.

The messenger

Torah talks of a messenger, that speaks as God Creator speaks, which is literally, that offers mankind a choice after many years of freewill. For those that choose to follow; forgiveness and acceptance and those that choose not; it will be required of you.

I sincerely hope Mel Gibson gets that straight.